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Female medical provider smiling and shaking hands with her patient.

Health Care Providers

Find out the facts, give your valuable advice and offer the referrals that will help your tobacco-using patient quit for good.

Tobacco Users

Caring for Patients

Tobacco addiction is chronic. It typically requires long-term commitment and support to conquer. As a medical professional, your patients trust you to ensure their health. So your role in helping them quit can be critical. Check out these tools, and stay up to date on the best practices. 


Where do you start to broach the topic?

Be straightforward and ask. "Do you smoke, vape, chew or use other tobacco products?" Don't over-complicate the situation. Document their answer. 


What's next?

Find out if they are willing to attempt to quit. If not, direct them to learn about the facts, reasons to quit and more. If your patient is ready to attempt a quit, make sure you have the proper resources to help them start their quitting journey.

One of the best resources available in the state is South Dakota QuitLine, which offers free cessation medication, phone coaching and a quit guide. 


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Why Talk to Patients About Tobacco Use?


About  1000,000 South Dakotans use tobacco, and about 70,000 of them report that they want to quit for good.

While about 70% of all tobacco users have seen a healthcare provider in the last year, fewer than half of those people have been given quit assistance from their provider.

Why Quit?


Take a deep dive into everything you need to know about the harmful effects of tobacco use, why patients should quit the habit and more.

Free SD Quitline signage and supplies are available for your office and practice.

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