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Community Engagement

Access tools on how to engage your community with anti-tobacco initiatives through coalition building, advocating for policy, collecting and sharing data, raising awareness and media.
Tribal Tobacco Advocacy Toolkit

Starting & Maintaining Interest

Find anything you need to engage your tribe or community and keep them interested in your efforts.


  • Coalition Building - Learn how to recruit, build and retain coalitions.
  • Policy Advocacy - Learn how to gain support for your initiatives
  • Collect & Share Data - Learn how to find, collect and share data.
  • Raise Awareness - Find out how to give your community a reason to care about controlling commercial tobacco.
  • Multimedia - Access toolkits for media platforms like newspaper, digital, social media, radio and billboards.

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The Tribal Tobacco Advocacy Toolkit is a product of the Canli Coalition of CRST. ©2021 Canli Coalition. All Rights Reserved.