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Teen female wearing a hooded sweatshirt smoking a cigarette looking pensive.


Check out these resources to prevent tobacco use or help your child quit.

Stop It Before It Starts

Tobacco Use Prevention

Using tobacco products of any kind is harmful — even e-cigarettes without nicotine. Have an open conversation about the true dangers of smoking, vaping and chewing tobacco. Let them ask questions, and ask your own too. It's important not to lecture or scold them, but rather make yourself a valuable resource for them to seek support and guidance. 

Then consider your next actions:

Encourage them to do their own research and make the right choice for their future.
Reach out to your child's school to find out what tobacco prevention program they use.
Set up an appointment for your child to talk to their primary healthcare provider. 
Protect Their Health

Help Them Quit

If your child is already smoking cigarettes, vaping or chewing tobacco, finding the right resource for their age bracket is essential in getting them to quit. Quitting is hard, so remember to be supportive and positive. It's important to know how to best support your child through their quit journey.

Child smokers are at extra risk of lasting health problems, which means that using tobacco products can damage their brain function, cause serious lung disease and more health threats.

Get Tips on How to Help