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Media Tools

Video & Screen Resources

Video is one of the most valuable tools when it comes to media engagement, beating all other mediums. Most marketing campaigns should involve video as an engagement tool for various platforms. Video draws in users in ways that written words, audio and graphics alone don't.

Using Video Files

Videos are available for free use on social media, paid-for media or on your website as long as you've approved it with the South Dakota Department of Health team. Simply fill out a request form, detailing the video files and you need to meet your goals with advertising.

Using Our Assets

Requesting the video files for your use is as simple as a few clicks and filling out a short form.

  1. Choose which one you'd like to use.
    • More Good Years
    • Last Smoke
    • Honor Every Breath
    • Vaping Sucks
  2. Submit a request to the SD Department of Health, who will ensure marketing efforts don't overlap and approve your request.
  3. Use the asset for your marketing.

Submit a Request for Assets

Please note that requests may take 3-4 weeks for turnaround.

Display Screen Options

For use contact the SD DOH Tobacco Prevention Program using the request form above. Your branding can be added upon request.