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Female parent holding the hands of a younger child.


Your kids are at risk. Tobacco is everywhere, and they can’t fight it alone.

Help Your Child


To be there for your kids, you need to know what you’re looking for. Get to know the facts, be open with your kids and prevent the harmful effects of tobacco.

Signs My Child Uses Tobacco

Is your child vaping, smoking or chewing tobacco products? Watch out for these warning signs, and stop the habit before it is too late to avoid the lasting health problems tobacco can cause.

What to Know About Vape Devices

Vaping is the most common way youth access nicotine. E-cigarettes often fly under the radar, as many look like USBs and other household objects. Here’s what you need to know about to keep your child safe.

Get Help for Your Child

The best way to help your child is to ensure they never start using tobacco. But if they are already using, help them on their journey to quit for good. Check out quitting resources for youth of all ages.




Check out these resources to prepare to help your child beat the threat of tobacco.