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A swirling cloud of vaping mist covering vaping devices and vials of vaping juice.

Middle School

Don't let advertising fool you! Vaping, smoking and chewing tobacco means throwing away your health. You are not disposable!

Let's Clear the Air

Nobody Wins with Tobacco

Vaping, smoking and chewing tobacco are seriously bad for your health. When you use tobacco, you're welcoming all kinds of symptoms and health risks to your body. 

Your brain and body are still developing, meaning that you're more vulnerable than adults.

Beware of the lasting damage tobacco has does to your life, those around you, your pets and the planet.

Consider The Risks

Do you know how using tobacco products — and even vape products without nicotine — can affect your body? Even if only your friends do smoke or vape, you could be exposed to the dangers of secondhand or thirdhand smoke. Here are just a few of the awful effects they have on your health:

Bad Breath
Gum Disease
Tooth Loss
Shortness of Breath
High Cancer Risk
High Risk of lung Disease
Increased Stress
Increased Risk of Future Addiction to Other Substances
Children and young adults are especially vulnerable to loss of brain function as a result of vaping. Even using e-cigarette devices without nicotine can cause damage.

Get Help

For immediate help and guidance, talk to an adult you trust like a parent, guardian, doctor or teacher. Beating a nicotine addiction isn't easy, but you don't have to do it alone. If you aren't ready to talk to an adult in your life, check out these resources.

12 & Younger

Addiction can get to you at any age. Start your quit journey right from the palm of your hand. Simply quit through the program with easy-to-use methods like texting to quit.

13 & Older

Get the free support you need to quit through phone coaching, necessary quit medication and the Quit Guide. Choose the method that works best for you with the South Dakota Quitline.