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After all of your preparation, education and community engagement, it's time to implement a new commercial tobacco-free policy and create change.

Tribal Tobacco Advocacy Toolkit

Make Change

In the fight for your community's tobacco-free health, implementing policies is invaluable because policies have the power to create widespread change. 

Effective policies can address the root causes of tobacco use and make all the difference in your community.


  • Policy Writing 101 - Find the right people and resources to help you write the policy.
  • Support Ongoing Change - Addressing system-level changes impacted by your policy can maximize its success.
  • Engage Stakeholders - Engage stakeholders with community support and one-on-one conversations.
  • Implement & Defend - Once it's passed, celebrate, send out regular reminders and monitor compliance and threats.
  • Presenting - When you're ready, start preparing to present your ideas to decision makers.

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