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Shared Media Library

We are updating our media library and asset-sharing system and would like to keep you in the loop.

In the past, you could freely download and use our print, audio and video assets straight from our online media library. With our new system, you will need to select which campaign assets you’d like to use from the provided assets on our website, let us know how you plan to use them and send a request to remove any watermarks. This will ensure that our marketing efforts and yours do not overlap, making our shared tobacco control messaging and resources reach even further.

Additionally, if you’d like to use our logo on one of your existing assets or apply your logo to one of our assets, you will need to submit a request to do so. Our assets will remain a no-cost option for your coalition. The only change is our request form rather than downloading straight from the website. The South Dakota Department of Health will handle all ad resizing and cobranding requests as they come through. If the resizes you’ve requested require extra support, resizing may accrue costs, as this will need to go through our agency.

Please note that it can take as many as three to four weeks to complete the approval process and receive assets. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our team. We look forward to continuing to work with you to limit tobacco use in our home state of South Dakota.