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Tobacco in Marketing & Media

Vaping in Marketing

Millions of teens vape — more than 2.5 million, in fact. And those who start are likely to get addicted, which causes them to vape all the time — everyday.

You may think that vaping is a safe alternative to smoking cigarettes, but that’s not true. Vaping is just as dangerous as smoking — don’t let the bright colors and sweet flavors deceive you. These advertisements aren’t exactly as they seem.

They can try to get you with flavors.

They can try to get you with vape pens that look cool.

They can try to get you any way they can because their goal is to sell their products — not keep you healthy.

But your health is worth more than trying to fit in by taking hits of a vape with your friends. If you give in to the marketing, vaping puts you at greater risk for long-term health impacts — from lung problems to anxiety to greater risks of substance abuse throughout your lifetime. Want to know more? Get the truth from

Tobacco & Vaping in Mainstream Media

You’re not imagining things on your favorite TV shows and in your social media feeds: tobacco and e-cigarette use is being depicted in media and normalizing the addiction.

In fact, according to the Truth Initiative, 60 percent of streaming content for young people contains depictions of tobacco use, which is problematic because exposure to imagery of tobacco and e-cigarette use may be linked to a higher likelihood to use.

This placement is no accident. Tobacco companies have the opportunity to make big money, and middle schoolers and high schoolers like you are a source. Just because TV, movies and social media makes tobacco use and vaping seem fun or like no big deal, that doesn’t mean it isn’t damaging.

And it’s not only media—it’s legislative policy, too (we know...this sounds dry but stick with us). Tobacco companies can also buy political influence, causing the rules and laws we rely on to be impacted.

They’re not looking out for you, so the results they buy aren’t meant to make your life better.